Denise is amazing. She is patient and flexible and always goes above and beyond. I will always return, she never disappoints!"

About Denise

Working in Social Media, IT, and tech giant, Apple as a certified trainer for several years, Denise has always loved working with people. Using WordPress and degrees in Marketing, Public Relations, and Creative writing has opened a variety of doors. Denise is now taking those skills and offering it to those who need them.

An award winning author and a professional book blogger, Denise has had the pleasure of speaking at Book Expo America and several chapters of Romance Writers of America.

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About Marc

Hello, I’m Marc, I’ve got over 20 years of experience in fields as far apart as hand crafted goods, handling New York Times best-selling authors, maintaining web pages, cat wrangling, setting up smart homes, and repairing watches. If you’re creative enough, most problems have a solution, and I’ve never been short on ideas.

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