5 Things A Client Should Never Do

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There are many things a client should and shouldn’t do. Today we are talking about the things that they shouldn’t do.

  1. Never Be Late To A Meeting  – If you are running late make sure to call ahead of time or reschedule the appointment. The last thing you want is to keep someone waiting. It’s very unprofessional and rude. Not to mention the fact that you are wasting the person’s time.
  2. Do Your Research – Make sure that as a client you know what you want and have examples. The more information you have the better armed you will be for the conversation. This will help the person you hired better serve you.
  3. Know The Cost – Make sure you know all costs and any per charges you may incur. This will help you make sure you stay on your budget. Make sure to talk to the person you have hired for payments.
  4. If You Don’t Know – Ask. – I’ve seen too many clients not be technologically inclined. This doesn’t mean that someone won’t help you. You must do your part to learn, so be sure to ask questions. Be sure to take notes and practice.
  5. Never Speak for The Person You Hired – Depending on the work done for you, the person may have a different rate for services. If you have a friend looking for something similar or different, don’t say what you paid and expect it to the be same for your friend or colleague. This puts the person you hired in an uncomfortable position.